Data form the basic starting point of any strategy, new company setup, new brand launch, customer knowledge, training development, store layout and well you can see basically anything in the Sales Eco system.

B@Info starts all projects with the correct research or it can not start at all.

We have ongoing projects that is called Every Dealer Survey (EDS) or Market Potential Study.  These surveys are not often done due to cost but has proven its worth at the development and design of all company, brand and sales strategies.

B@ found a more cost effective way to do these surveys to enable companies to improve all aspects of there business.  EDS surveyors walk the streets from store to store and do a survey in every outlet that is trading. This survey covers all outlets ranging from small stores, table  tops selling airtime as well as large retailers and distributors in most categories covering multiple SKU’s to ensure optimisation of the Surveyors time.

We do these survey to determine the entire outlet universe for relevant markets.

B@ has the capability to do research in the South African township market in 10 000 outlets nationally. 

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Visibility to your consumer is the most important aspect in all Sales Execution Strategies and you had to do everything right up to this point to make that happen.

The point of communicating clear visible messages with your Brand will ensure a sale of either your product or service.

We  devise an actionable measurable consumer focussed Sales Execution Strategy and ensure that it does not only stay on paper but can be executed in the field. 

Your strategy needs to be executed daily to create a competitive advantage. 

A well defined Sales Execution Strategy is the most important building block of a company’s success.

Our team has developed, designed and executed sales execution strategies in numerous companies in Africa that resulted in well trained Reps, Sales Executioners and Managers with clear guidelines of what has to be done to ensure an increase in bottom line profitability.


B@Procurement is a simple process linked to your Sales Execution Strategy. 

This process starts with Identifying your stakeholder and customer need, and separating it from what the customer wants.  This is cru crucial, If you don’t understand what that need is – it doesn’t matter what the want is – you will get it wrong.

We help you find goods or services at the most competitive rates.  You also have to option of doing all your adhoc procurement online with full branding and delivery bookings – click here.

The key to successful Trade Marketing is procurement that is in line with strategy on a per-outlet basis.

B@ do the development, design and procurement of a variety of promotional items, execution equipment, point of sales items, and corporate gifts that will ensure visibility.

1. Identify customer need

  • Identifying stakeholder or customer need, and separating it from what the customer wants, is crucial, said Sparkes. “If you don’t understand what that need is – it doesn’t matter what the want is – you’ll get it wrong.”
  • Using the example of Heathrow’s Terminal 5, Sparkes said the airport originally wanted “rows and rows of check-in desks”. The procurement team identified the real need wasn’t having enough desks, it was moving footfall quickly through the terminal. Armed with this understanding, Sparkes said the procurement team suggested an alternative solution based on supermarket checkouts, reducing both check-in times and costs.

2. Look outside your market

  • Heathrow’s procurement team were able to suggest an alternative to traditional check-in desks because they understood what other options were available, said Sparkes. No only should buyers understand their own market, but they are always looking outside their market for innovation.

3. Prioritise relationships

  • Good contract management will give you what you expected to get and it’s important to regularly check suppliers are meeting contractual obligations. “But the relationship is the bit that will give you over and above. It will give you the growth, it will give you the innovation, it will give you the partnering if you want to run it that way,” said Sparkes.
  • Relationships take time, so think about which suppliers are more important to you and how this might change in the future.

4. Collect spend data

  • Spend data is possibly the most powerful tool buyers have, said Sparkes. Data can help buyers get a view of exactly what they are buying, who they are buying from and frequency, thereby helping to find savings.
  • Analysing spend data helped Sparkes save £3m on a single contract, he said. Widgets he was buying at a premium with a flexible ad-hoc contract were actually being bought very regularly. “The data essentially said for three years we’d been buying this every quarter, pretty much at exactly the same time.” By changing the contract to help the supplier balance their workload he was able to get a much lower price.

5. Communicate what you are doing

  • When going to tender be clear about all aspects of what you are going to do in your procurement, said Sparkes. Be explicit about your market strategy and where you are in the tender process. “If you’re going to work well with people, you need to bring them on that journey with you, and that starts with the first engagement.
  • “It will also – and this is quite practical – reduce the levels of quite frankly annoying emails writing to get hold of ‘when are we doing this’ and ‘what’s the next step’.”

6. Know your negotiating position

  • Agree your position with your stakeholders upfront, including red lines and walk away points, before you start negotiating with supplier. “It’s absolutely about understanding what I can do in the [negotiating] room and not having to take things away,” said Sparkes. It will empower you and generally help things go a lot smoother, he added.
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Route to Market Strategy

Developing and implementing Route to Market Strategies to ensure optimal processes and partner selection in African countries. We provide a wide range of services in the fields of logistics, supply chain optimization and management.

We have partnered with a team of highly educated statistical experts and we combine this with our extensive experience in the supply chain to provide insights into operations and route to market business processes.

Effective and efficient Route to Market strategies is the key to a competitive advantage in Africa.

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Training people should be a passion and not a job! 

At Brilliant@ we develop teaching solutions that is grounded in practical in-trade experience  that changes behaviour and affects bottom line.  We use simple and effective visual and audio visual  experiences that provide  solutions for practical daily challenges in trade. 

B@ develops training solutions in a format that  can be duplicated across regions, countries and  organisations within a system without losing  effectiveness in the process.  Although we train in a number of fields our focus and passion still lies in Sales Execution and your sales person’s role to ensure a positive impact on the bottom line.

Training solutions within FMCG focus on the fundamentals of commercial competence, technical knowledge and practical skills which ensures a competent and professional sales team.

Our SETA accredited courses include:

General Management

The gap that however exist is that as a result of unclear execution strategies sales teams are not trained practically on the Look of Success per channel and given the tools to effectively execute against strategy.

We offer practical sales training customised to your business ensuring a well equipped sales force able to drive margin.